Dr David Buckley The Ashe Street Clinic, Tralee, Co Kerry

Name: Dr David Buckley

Address: The Ashe Street Clinic, Tralee, Co Kerry

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Website: www.solasdermatology.ie


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Dr Buckley is  a GP  with a special interest in dermatology, cutaneous surgery, cryosurgery and skin cancer.  He has been working as a principle and founding member of  The Ashe Street Clinic, a large multi disciplinary Primary Care Centre in  Tralee, for the past 23  years. He was vocationally trained  in the  Dublin Vocational Training  Scheme in General Practice under the directorship of  Dr Manne Berber from 1983 to 1986.  He is a trainer on the South West Specialist Training Programme in General Practice.  

The Ashe Street Clinic was established by Dr Buckley in 1999 and has grown over the years. It  now has  3 GP’s and a GP registrar, a practice nurse, 4  administration staff and a full time practice manager. In addition to the usual GP services, The Ashe  Street Clinic also provides a number of speciality services  including  dentistry, physiotherapy, sports injuries, ophthalmology, counselling, and psychiatry .We also provide specialist care in orthopaedics,  homeopathy, allergy testing, travel health and occupational medicine.  
He set up the Solas Dermatology and Laser Clinic in 2005. He has lectured and written extensively on the area of primary care dermatology and community based dermatology. He has had numerous scientific articles published in various medical journals. Dr Buckley has also lectured on dermatology throughout Ireland, the UK, France,Spain ,the USA, Kenya and China. Dr Buckley has written and presented on skin related to problems in the local and national newspapers, the local and national radio and on national TV.
Dr Buckley has also written a book on primary care dermatology.  He has produced training DVDs for doctors on cryosurgery, radiosurgery and primary care dermatology. Dr Buckley has carried out original research on the treatment of skin cancer using cryosurgery, the management of skin cancer in primary care, on the management  of  melanoma in  primary care , the treatment of plantar warts, and the treatment of ingrown toenails.
Dr Buckley  is a founding member of the Primary Care Dermatology Society of Ireland (1996) and the  Primary Care Surgical Association (2012).  He is also  a  member and is on the board of directors of the International  Society of Cryosurgery (ICS). In addition he is a member of the European Academy  of  Dermatology and Venereology, the British Medical Laser Association, the ICGP and the RCGP . 








Dr Michael McGrath Carraig Medical Centre, Gas Terrace, Tralee, Co Kerry

Name: Dr Michael McGrath

Address: Carraig Medical Centre, Gas Terrace, Tralee, Co Kerry


Website: http://www.carraigmedicalcentre.com/


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Carraig Medical Centre is an urban practice located in the Centre of Tralee. It was established by Dr Michael McGrath in 2001. It serves a patient population of approximately 1,800 patients. Dr Michael McGrath is a trainer since 2008.

The practice has two secretaries, Melissa Dalton and Marie O'Connor, and one practice nurse, Margaret McGrath.

Carraig Medical Centre is involved in a Primary Care Team and holds regular meetings with local Public Health Nurses and other members of the Primary Care Team.

A specialist Diabetic Nurse visits our practice once a month.

As well as providing care to the patients in the practice Dr McGrath is the medical officer to the Army in Tralee. Dr McGrath has a special interest in Dermatology and Care of the Elderly. We have patients in nursing homes in the Tralee area and we often call to see patients when they attend the local day care centres.

GP training is central to the practice with all staff actively involved in being a training practice.

We have developed a practice information booklet for our patients.

We recently introduced management standards into our practice. All staff are involved in reviewing how to  provide the best possible care to our patients.     




Dr Adrian O’Gara Ardfert, Tralee, Co Kerry

Name: Dr Adrian O’Gara

Address: Ardfert, Tralee, Co Kerry



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Dr David Molony The Red House, Mallow, Co Cork

Name: Dr David Molony

Address: The Red House, Mallow, Co Cork


Website: http://www.mphc.ie/


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Dr Maria Quille The Medical Centre, Railway Road, Kenmare, Co Cork

Name: Dr Maria Quille

Address: The Medical Centre, Railway Road, Kenmare, Co Cork


Website:  http://kenmaredoctors.ie/


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See the Medical Centre's website for further information - http://kenmaredoctors.ie/







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